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Physical Activities

Throwing and Catching 


Give your child a large ball and ask them to stand still and use two hands to throw the ball straight up into the air and catch it. Initially we would suggest the children are throwing the ball just above head height. Encourage the children to concentrate on keeping their eye on the ball, watching it back down into their hands.


CHALLENGE your children to try to do 5 throw and catches without dropping the ball.

 Ask the children to see how many throw and catches they can do without a drop.

When children are ready to move on, demonstrate to them how they can throw the ball a little higher (emphasise ‘a little!’) and clap before they catch. Use the wording ‘Throw, Clap, Catch!’ Start with your child just clapping once, but as they become more confident, to really give them a CHALLENGE see if they can clap twice or even three times before they catch the ball. 

Remember there are still all the activities on our 'Keeping Physically and Mentally Healthy at Home' page that you can do.

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