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We are beginning dictation this week and will introduce this on Tuesday in a live session. The focus is on the children listening carefully, holding a sentence in their head and writing it down accurately. The sentences will be very simple to start with as this is new learning. There is also a PowerPoint for children to practise reading real and alien words, a worksheet to revisit the phoneme 'ire', a live game of 'Buried Treasure' and a spot the alien word worksheet. You will need the pirate pictures for the live game.

We are continuing to learn the Year 1 spellings and will add new words each week. Don't forget to check that your children are spelling them independently in their everyday writing!


Monday - Alien and real word PowerPoint

Tuesday - Aliens - dictation

Wednesday - Buried Treasure game

Thursday - 'ire' sheet

Friday - Spot the alien words and spelling test


Below are the activity sheets for each day.




You can help your child practise spellings in fun ways:-

  • try writing them on a wall with a paintbrush and water
  • make the words with sticks, playdough or lego
  • write them in a tray of sand, shaving foam or flour
  • make a snap or pairs game to play together


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