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Oh Crumbs!

Look at what we saw outside Owl Class!

Check out the video below


Still image for this video

The Gingerbread Man and his friends are loose in the school!

They were last seen running outside Owl Class. I wonder where they have gone too? 

Could they have gone to Year 1?

Could they have gone out onto the playground?

Maybe they are in the park?

Who knows?!

We must be on the look out!


Your Task 1: Missing Sign

Can you create a 'Missing' sign so that everyone knows the Gingerbread Man has ran away?

Think about what key information people will need to know so they are aware of who to look for?


You may need to:

.Describe what he looks like

.Talk about where he was last seen

.List a number to call when found

.Offer a reward

Have a look at Miss Campbells example below:



Please send us your Missing signs on Tapestry so we can print them off and put them around the school.

You may need to put your missing signs up around your house!


The Gingerbread Men have been spotted around the school but we still haven't managed to catch them yet!


Mrs Cresswell has spotted something strange!

Still image for this video

Your Task 2: Make a trap!

Why not have a go at designing and making (if you would like!) a trap so we can catch the Gingerbread Man?

You will need to think about what you can use to make a trap, how your trap is going to work and how you will build it.


Have a look at Mrs Cresswell's example below and what some of the children made last year:





We cant wait to see what you make. Share them with us on Tapestry

Weekly Diary Entry:

Remember to write in your diary about something that you have been up too this week.

Your grown up can photograph your writing and put it on Tapestry so we can hear what you are doing.


Reading and Word Practice:

Remember to read and practice your words at least 3 times a week. Click on the link below to see some fun ways to practice your words at home. 


Don't forget there are stories/comics that you can read online or print out. Click on the link below to find out more:


Tapestry Challenge!

We are glad you love us sharing a story with you at the end of they day but we really miss hearing you read  We would love it if you could please send us in a video of you reading at home.

Wanted Words Reading Activity:

For this activity you will need a wanted poster and 2 copies of your chosen words.

See below for a wanted Poster.

Place a different word in the wanted box each day and hide another copy of that word around the house. Your child's task is to read the wanted word and search round the house to try and find it.

I wonder how many words they will be able to read correctly and find?!

Tricky Word Splat Game:

Write the words your child is practising on seperate pieces of paper.

Their task is to splat the words you shout out in the fastest time they can! To make it more fun you could give them a spatula or a plastic fly swatter.

Colour by Word Activity:


School Illustration