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Friday 3rd April

Good Morning Everyone!


Find out all about Easter watching these videos.


Think about:

1: Why do think the things Jesus said made some people angry?

2: What does it mean to ‘forgive’ someone?

3: How do you think Mary felt as she watched the stone being rolled across Jesus' tomb?

4: Why do you think Mary was so sad when she saw that Jesus’ body had gone? Do you think she understood what the angel had told them?

5: Imagine that you are Mary telling all Jesus’ friends what you have seen. What would you say to them?

6: What was the ‘good news’ that Jesus wanted his friends to tell others about?

7: What do you think Jesus’ friends thought when they saw him go up to heaven?

8: These stories often make people ask puzzling questions. What questions of your own do you have?


As today is the last day of this term, our Easter Holidays would be starting tomorrow. So we have made all the activities easter themed today! Enjoy!






Happy Easter everyone!

Keep safe, keep well and look after each other and your families at home. Have a good rest and don't forget, a little bit of kindness goes a long way :)

If you'd like some easter craft/colouring/activity ideas, head over to the Creative activities page (click back from here). 


Take care everyone, and we will add more learning after the Easter Holidays. 


Mrs Moth, Mrs Charles, Mrs Barnaby and Mrs Campone

Mrs Marston, Miss Campone, Mrs Hewitt, Mrs Belton and Mrs Pennock


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