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You have saved the Gingerbread Man!




What fantastic boats you all made last week!

The Gingerbread Man was thankfully able to cross the river safely and escape from the fox.



Your Task:

This week we would like you to have a go at writing a new ending to the Gingerbread Man story where your boat is included.

Can you adapt the ending of the story so your boat has helped save the Gingerbread Man by helping him cross the river rather than him being eaten.


You could start with the line...'Finally the Gingerbread Man came to the stream."


You will need to think about:


What happened when the Gingerbread Man got to the river?

What was there waiting for him?

How did he get on to the boat?

How did he travel across?

What did he do if he managed to get to the other side of the river?


Try to include our learnt story language: Finally, Luckily, Happily ever after. This will help you structure your ending.


See below for your writing sheet, sound sheet and Gingerbread Man word mat.


Have a look at Miss Campbells example below for an idea:

Don't forget to use your phonics. What's the initial sound? Stretch the words to hear all the sounds.

Try to remember your finger spaces, capital letters, full stops and think about your handwriting.






















Your teachers will go through this with you as part of your zoom on Monday 9.30am


Some extra key words you may need:

.Finally                                  .Happily

.Luckily                                  .Stream


Performance of, 'The Gingerbread Man Story'

We know you have been working super hard, practising all of the actions and words for the Gingerbread Man story. Now it is time for you to show us what you have learnt!


Please send us a video of you retelling the story of, 'The Gingerbread Man'. We look forward to seeing them!


Watch the video below to recap some of the key actions you will need with Miss Campbell

Actions for the Gingerbread Man Story

Still image for this video

Weekly Diary Entry:

Remember to write in your diary about something that you have been up too this week.

Your grown up can photograph your writing and put it on Tapestry so we can hear what you are doing.


Reading and Word Practice:

Remember to read and practice your words at least 3 times a week. Click on the link below to see some fun ways to practice your words at home. 


Don't forget there are stories/comics that you can read online or print out. Click on the link below to find out more:


Tapestry Challenge!

We are glad you love us sharing a story with you at the end of they day but we really miss hearing you read.  We would love it if you could please send us in a video of you reading at home.

Find The Words Reading Activity:

Create some small flags using pegs and cut out triangle shaped paper. Select some chosen words that your child is learning and write them on the flags, one word per flag. Encourage your child to look for these words when they are reading their books.

As a challenge you could use these flags to write on sounds they are practising. They then would have the task of finding words that have those sounds in.





Shopping Spree Reading Activity:



Memory Word Game:

Divide a large piece of paper into a grid with at least 12 boxes. Think of some words that your child is learning and write them in the boxes. You will need to have 2 of each word written on the grid.

Cover the words with sticky notes or cut out pieces of paper.

Take it in turns to uncover two words. If its a match then you get a point! If it is not a match then cover the words back over and see if you can get it right next time.

I wonder who will get the most correct matches in your household?

As a challenge you could write some simple phonic words or sounds instead for your child to read and match.


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