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Expressive Arts and Design

Expressive Arts and Design

Making our Pigs:

Exploring clay, playdough, salt-dough or plastercine

Over the next couple of weeks your task is going to be to have a go at creating your own little pig using different materials such as clay, playdough, salt-dough or plastercine. 


There are lots of skills needed in order to create your pig so that it does not break, stands up and holds the right shape.


So this week we would like you to explore using one or more of the materials above.

Can you roll it into a ball?

What about rolling it using just the palm of your hand?

Can you roll it into a coil shape (sausage shape)?

Can you do this just using your fingers?


Now have a go at rolling it into a ball again and then using your fingers to pinch the material to form a new shape.

What shape can you make?

How does it change?



Did you know?

Did you know that if you pinch your material, as a way of forming a new shape, your model is less likely to break. However, if you stick different bits of your material together then your model is more likely to break. This is because it will not be as strong.


When we make our pigs we will need to use lots of the pinching motion to help create our pig shape. This will then hopefully mean our pig models are strong and keep there shape.


Haven't got these materials at home?

If you have not got the above materials at home why not have a try at making your own. Use the instructions below to help you. Maybe you could even write your own instructions?


Does putty mould the same as the other materials? Does it hold its shape? Have an explore and let us know what you find out.

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