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This week we are going on a virtual visit to Manor Farm.

It is a working Victorian Farm with a house and even a school.

Arthur and Alice will guide you through their day.


Activity 1

Watch the powerpoint 'Victorian Experience'. 

Talk about the similarities and differences between their homes and school.

Now organise your ideas in the bubble map below.

What have you found out about Victorian life for Arthur and Alice?


Activity 2

Today we are going to compare our classroom with the Victorian one.




We are going to organise our ideas into a Venn Diagram like this:-


Compare the two classrooms.

Can you spot the things which are the same in each classroom and the things which are different?

Is there anything which is the same in both classrooms?


Draw and label the things a Victorian classroom has on the left hand side of the Venn Diagram.

Draw and label the things our classroom has on the right hand side of the Venn Diagram.

The things both classrooms have draw in the middle section where the two rings overlap.


Here is a completed example:-

School Illustration