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Hooks and Outcomes

Project Hook


We start each project with a 'hook' to motivate and excite the children.

For this project the children have read the story 'Handa's Surprise'. They receive a voice message from Handa explaining that children are not eating enough fruit and vegetables. She gives them a challenge to design and make a healthy snack to encourage Year R to eat more fruit and vegetables.


Project Outcome


For this project outcome the children designed and made snacks which had to be  purposeful, (healthy), functional, (easy to eat)  and appealing, (looked good) for 'Handa's Healthy Cafe'.


Year R classes are invited to Year 1 to try the snacks the children have created and provide feedback.

The Year 1 children make and serve the snacks in the classroom set up as a cafe.


Making the snacks









Finished snacks

Tomato Dip  

             Tomato Dip                                     Strawberry Smoothie                  Fruit Kebabs


Handa's Healthy Cafe






School Illustration