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Hooks and Outcomes

The Hook for this project is a challenge.



Year 2, you have a performance to put on!  Your family will be invited to watch and so will Year 3 and the rest of our school. During this project we will be finding out how to be a pirate, rehearsing, making props and putting together the best performance ever! So year 2…  Can you become scurvy pirates for our end of year play?



Through pirate stories, poems and sea shanties, we will discover how to become pirates and create an end of year pirate performance. In preparation for our play, we will design and create scenery and props including pirate puppets and costumes.  Using measure, position and direction, we will practise our pirating skills of map-reading with coordinates and compasses. We will combine these skills with reasoning to solve pirate mathematical problems in order to find the treasure! AARRGGH!

Below are the questions the children want to answer about pirates


The Outcome for this project is the Year 2 Leaver's Performance.

A show about pirates featuring their hand sewn pirate puppets.





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