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This week you are going to become a Newspaper Reporter. First, you must use your detective skills to find out what happened to Ben. Use the pictures below to work out what happened, when, where and what Ben was doing. Then complete the first and second box on the PLANNER which you can find as a Word Document at the bottom of the page.


Ben was caught in an avalanche and in need of rescuing. Did you manage to work that out? 


Today you will be thinking about what his friends did when they realised there was an avalanche. Record this in the third box on the PLANNER. We'd also like you to think of some exciting words and phrases to describe and explain what avalanches are and record this in the second box on the PLANNER.


Follow the link below to find out more about Mountain Rescues. Once you have seen the videos and photos, you can complete the fourth box on the PLANNER about how Ben was rescued.



To complete the final box on the PLANNER, you'll need to think about what Ben may have said after he was rescued. Was he thankful? Who to? Was he sorry for walking off the track and not keeping up with his friends? Write a quote from Ben in the final box.



Today you will be writing your newspaper report, using your PLANNER to support you. Don't forget to write in full sentences, detail what happened by using all the information from your PLANNER and use capital letters and full stops. See the example report below for ideas of what we expect.


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