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Week 3

Week 3



This week we will be thinking about who lives in our house. Who do you live with? How many people is that? Did you include you when you counted? Below you will find a picture to complete. Can you draw pictures of the people who live in your house, and label them? This means write their names next to them - remember to ask an adult with some help spelling their names if you are not sure. 



Our phonic sounds for this week are 

m, d, o, g, c, k, 

You will find some videos about these sounds on these links:





Do you know all your numbers to 20? In maths this week, we are practising recognising all the numbers to 20. We will practise counting to 20, and knowing what each number looks like. Then, we will learn how to put numbers to 20 in the right order, even if they are all jumbled up!

Here's a game so you can practise counting to 20 and find the number that is missing.



This week we are learning about similarities and differences between people, things and so on. We will think about how we are the same, and different to our friend. 

Are we all the same? Maybe we look different, maybe we like different foods. Think of a friend. Can you find 3 things that are the same about you? Can you find something that is different? You both have 2 eyes, but are your eye colours the same? You both have hair, but is your hair the same colour?

Here is a video you can watch to get you thinking about similarities and differences.


Good luck!


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