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This week, we are creating our own stories based on In The Garden. 

Today, have a read of the story - you can look at the pictures, or download it as a powerpoint.



Can you think of your own shrinking story that could happen in your garden?

I have thought of mine and made a cartoon strip. Have a read!


Can you think of 3 things you (or your chosen character) would do in your garden?

In my story, Batman comes across my guinea pig, has a swim in the dog bowl, and thinks he is going to get eaten by Flo, my dog. What might happen in your garden?

Have a look outside, and see where your character might go, and what it would be like for them in your garden. 

Wednesday and Thursday 

Now you have thought about what might happen in your story, you can start making yours. You can share your story in any way you like. 


It could be:

A video, 

A picture story,

A comic strip, 

A cartoon,

A book, 

A powerpoint presentation. 

A diary entry

A Newspaper article 

​​​​​​​A written story


These are just some ideas - you may think of something different. It is completely up to you!


 Here are some templates for you to use if you wish. Be creative!

If you would like to share you stories, please send them to the year 1 email.

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