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In school, we have been continuing to learn the story of 'The Little Red Hen'. Don't forget to keep practising telling the story with the actions. Click the link below for a reminder of the story.

We are also carrying on with our PowerPoint presentations. At home, you can't open up the presentation you have started at school but you could create your own presentation all about The Great Fire of London. Show your adult how amazing your computing skills are! Click the link below for a reminder of how to create a PowerPoint.
We will be finding out why The Great Fire of London spread so quickly. You might already know some of the reasons why. Tell your adult the reasons you know. Click the link below to see if you managed to list all the reasons.

True or False?

How much do you know about The Great Fire of London and how they tried to put the fire out? Print, cut and stick the following statements into 2 columns. Are they true or are they false? Use the internet to help you research ways they tried to put out The Great Fire.

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