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Project Information

Below is the Home Learning. Your child will bring home a questionaire. The children are finding out what other people think or believe about angels. Adults can complete their page themselves or the children can do it.

This is our “vocabulary bookmark”. This is the latest one for our new project ‘Joy, Joy the Angels Sang’..


This bookmark will be available in class to support your child’s learning, to introduce new vocabulary and to improve the spelling of key words.


We will be using this vocabulary in class and we will expect the children to know and understand these words, use them and begin to read and spell them.


We have attached a copy for you to use at home.

You could: -

  • Use some of the vocabulary when you complete the Home Learning
  • Use it to talk about the learning in school
  • Pick 3 words to talk about – what does it mean? Say it in a sentence.
  • Play what is the word for… e.g. Tell me what a halo is?
  • Ask your child to find the word that says ‘halo’ on the bookmark.
  • Ask your child to act out a word. Can you guess which one it is? Or, you could act out a word and your child can guess.
  • Look at of angels and talk about the features and similarities and differences using the words on the bookmark.
  • Practise reading the ‘high frequency words’. You can even practise spelling them together.
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