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Feeling Proud


This week, we will be learning to understand the feeling of being proud. Proud is when we are pleased/happy about something we have done. We can be proud of ourselves and of other people. For example, your grown up might be proud that you learnt to ride your bike. What can you think of that you have done which you are proud of?


Listen to the story 'I'm Proud of Myself' to learn what James is proud of about himself.

Read Aloud: I'm Proud of Myself | Laurie Wright

Be Proud of the Things You Do | Life Lessons

Learn about the importance of being proud of the things you do!

Activity 1


Look at the pictures below and talk with your grown ups about what the people in the photos are thinking and how they are feeling. Below are some questions for your child to think about.


What do you think is happening?


How do you think they are feeling?


Why are they feeling...?


Can you show how you are feeling?


Can you think of some things that make you feel proud?

Activity 2


Proud Cloud



For this activity, we would like you to have a think about something that makes you feel happy and proud, just like the people in the photographs. Draw a picture of the thing that makes you proud in the middle of the cloud and then label it. We cannot wait to hear about all the things you are proud of about yourself. 


Please remember to upload your proud clouds onto Tapestry!

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