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This week we start a two week study on news paper reports.  We will be learning all about sentence structure,  headlines, being an eye witness and planning and writing an effective introduction to a news report.   We will explore how people tried to put the fire out. 

Can you read the statements about the Great Fire of London and fill in the missing full stops and capital letters?

This is what you will write your news report on. We will be adding to it each day as we learn about each section.

Find out all about headlines in newspapers by following the PowerPoint below. Can you think up your own headline for your report about the Great Fire of London? Now add it to your newspaper.

Here is Miss Sater's headline.

We will now plan to write a paragraph to explain what the news report will be about. It will need to include what happened, where, when, why, how and who was involved.

Miss Salter had a go at planning her introduction

Now it is time to write your introduction to the news report, using your plan.


Here is one Miss Salter had a go at.


"On Sunday morning in the early hours a fire started in the King's bakery, in Pudding Lane, London.  A spark leapt out of the oven on to the floor and a fire rapidly spread throughout the street.  The baker, Thomas Farrioner managed to escape with his family."

Here is Miss Salter's introduction. She used her plan to write it. Now add your introduction. You can also add a picture in the box below and write a caption. A caption describes what is happening in the picture.

School Illustration