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Last week you learnt 5 gymnastic shapes. Click on the link to remind yourself of the shapes.


This week we want you to use these to make a mini sequence. 


Warm Up

Talk to your child about different ways of moving. Try some of these movements out. This could be sliding, jumping, skipping, hopping or crawling. Can you think or any others?



A sequence has a beginning, middle and end. 


Beginning - Choose one of the 5 gymnastic shapes to start. Hold it for the count of three.

Middle - Then choose a way to travel around the room. This could be one of the ideas from your warm up.

End - Then choose another one of the 5 shapes to hold to end your sequence. Hold it for the count of three.


For example 

                         star shape                                              hopping                                     straddle shape


Send us a video of you doing your sequence on Tapestry.

Your teachers are looking forward to seeing them. smiley

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