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Week 3 - 17.1.22

Welcome to Week 3 of our Dragon Project.

Below is a timetable of how we organise our learning in SCHOOL. It is a guide, so you will have an overview of the learning we will talk about each morning in the zoom. Each activity will be described in greater depth on the Blended Learning page on the website.

This is only a guide!  How you organise your day and complete activities, go for a walk and take breaks is completely up to you. We know you will have other demands on your time such as work and other children.

We would like everyone to complete a maths and a writing task every day.



The highlighted activities are live lessons which you are welcome to join.

Our Learning has been organised into the pages below so it will be easier to find the activities for each day.


As part of our outcome for this project there is a dragon egg hunt on the web pages!

Hidden on the Blended Learning pages are dragon eggs. There are 8 to find. Each one has a letter on.

When you find one write the letter down. When you have found them all move the letters around until you can read a word.

Here is a clue!

It is something dragons love.

We will tell you the answer on Friday so keep it a secret!

Here is the first egg.

7 more to find!

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