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Diary Entry:

Every week we would like you to write a diary entry in your exercise book we gave you about something you have done at home. We look forward to reading them when you are back at school. 

You could ask your grown up to photograph your writing and put it on the blog or send it in an email so we can see what you are doing. The teachers will be sharing with you on the blog what they are up to as well.




        This is the BEAR and the Scary Night Story

Written by Sarah Hayes and Illustrated by Helen Craig


This week and next week we will be focusing on the story, 'This is the BEAR and the Scary Night', written by Sarah Hayes. In order to complete the task for this week and the week following it is really important that you know this story well. So for today your task is to listen to Miss Campbell tell you the story. After listening to the story discuss what the story is about. You could think about the following:

What happened in the story?

What characters are in the story?

How did the characters feel?

How did it start?

How did it end?

What did you notice about the story?

Did you enjoy the story?

What was your favourite part?

This is the BEAR and the Scary Night

Still image for this video
Written by Sarah Hayes and illustrated by Helen Craig

Story Map:

I hope you enjoyed listening to and discussing the story, 'This is the BEAR and the Scary Night'. It is a lovely story about a boy losing his favourite toy and the journey that bear goes on, being picked up and dropped by an owl, until he is safely back reunited with the boy. I can imagine how sad that boy must have been, thinking he might have lost his favourite toy and how frightened the bear was when he was in the dark by himself.

Now we are setting you the challenge of writing your own version of the story! We want you to change and adapt the story so you can write about your favourite toy. Instead of having the bear lost you might have it as your spaceship! You might decide your favourite toy isn't rescued by a man with a trombone. Instead it could have been rescued by an old woman and her walking stick. Hopefully though your story will end with you reunited with your favourite toy!


BEFORE you can write your story though you must first plan it. Below is a story hill that will help you with planning your story. (If you think your child might need more support completing this then please select the document ,'with more support', A3 and A2 copies available). Fill in the boxes by drawing the key events from your story. You must have a beginning, middle and end. The story hill will have some pictures on to support you. Around your boxes you can label your pictures to help you remember your story when you start writing it next week.

Please watch Miss Campbell's video for guidance

Story Hill

An overview of how to fill in a Story Hill. Book mentioned is, 'This is the Bear and the Scary Night by Sarah Hayes and illustrated by Helen Craig.



Remember to read at least 3 times a week.


Continue to read and explore different non-fiction books. Are they all the same? How might they be different? Do you have to read the whole book?


Don't forget to also be practising your tricky words. Maybe you would like to have a go at the tricky word activity below. I wonder how many of your tricky words you can remember?

Tricky Word High Five

Need a quick game to help learn those tricky words? Draw around your hand and cut them out. Write your words (or numbers, sounds - anything you like!) onto t...



Use the phonic sheets we sent home or the powerpoint below to practise saying all the Phase 2 and Phase 3 sounds we have learnt in school. Have you beaten your total correct from last week?


To help decided which phonic activities are appropriate for your child ask them whose phonic group they are in.

If they are with Miss Turner, Mrs Atkinson or Miss Campbell then they need to select Phase 3 activities.

If they are with Mrs Wombell, Mrs Anderson or Miss Meek then they need to select Phase 2 activities.

I hope this helps smiley

Phonic Worksheets:

Phonics Game - Phase 2:

Phonics Game- Phase 3:

Phonics Quiz


Have a go at completing our Phonic Quiz. Go on to Google and type in Kahoot! Go on the website and select enter pin. Here you will need to type in the code below. Its then ready for you to play. Enjoy and good luck!

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