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We are continuing with addition, this week. We need to recap all of our learning from last week to make sure we are confident with doing those things. We will recap this through word problems, investigations and problem solving. Choose the area you think you need more practise in. Maybe you need more practise with adding ones on an unstructured number line. Maybe you need to spend a bit more time adding 10 or multiples of 10. There is enough learning here for you to do an activity each day. If you haven't finished last week's learning, please finish that first. The link to last week is here: 


Link to tutorial videos for adding ones and tens: 

If you found last week's learning tricky, look at these activities!

Click the link below to play a number bonds game - select 'make 10', 'make 20' or 'make 100'

Adding ones

Adding tens

Adding two 2-digit numbers - This will be taught in a Live Lesson on Friday 15th January 

Ideas and Tips to practise and learn bonds to 10, 20 and 100. Can you see the pattern?

Greater Than Less Than Charlie the Crocodile tips!

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