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Sorting into groups

This week we are learning how objects can be sorted into groups based on things such as colour, size or shape. When sorting we think of similarities and differences between the objects.

We will be sorting animals into groups.


These animals have been sorted into jungle animals and farm animals.


Can you work out how these animals have been sorted?

They have been sorted into animals that live in water and animals that live on land. The penguin and crocodile are in the middle because they live on land and in water.

What about this one?

They have been sorted by the number of legs the animal has. 2 legs or 4 legs.


Can you have a go at sorting your own animals? You can decide how you are going to sort them.

If you don't have your own set of animals at home, I have created 3 pages of animals you can cut out and put into groups. You could use hoops, plates or draw circles onto a piece of paper. Can you label your groups and send us photo's on the Year R email so we can see how you decided to sort your animals.


Animal cut and sort sheet

School Illustration