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Live Phonics Teaching Session 

Please remember to be on Zoom for 13.00 on Wednesday the 27th, where your teachers will recap and introduce the sounds to practise for the week. 



This week we will be focusing on applying the sounds 'ai', 'ee', and 'igh' and 'oa' in our reading and writing. Have a look at the activities below for ideas on how to apply these sounds in your reading and writing. 


Remember to recap the all the other sounds we have learnt so far using the PowerPoints below or the flash cards in your phonics pack.



Below is a guide for what to focus on each day. In school, we will also spend a couple of minutes each day recapping all the sounds that have been taught so far.



Monday  -  Applying the 'oa' and 'ai' sound


Tuesday  -  Applying 'ee' sound


Wednesday  -  Live Zoom phonic session


Thursday  -  Applying the 'igh' sound


Friday - Recap all sounds from this week. 


CVC/VC Word Activity


If your child is practising to stretch their words to hear more sounds in order to create VC or CVC words, the please look at the activities below.




Bounce and Blend Activity


Think up several CVC/VC words and write the sounds which form that word on separate sticky notes (e.g. b-a-t or c-ow). Then, stick them on a wall in separate rows. Your child has to try and hit all the sounds/sticky notes in the line with their ball, sounding out each as they do. Can they then blend those sounds together to identify the word? 





Please click on the links below for the CVC writing activities for this week. They are interactive and so if you do not have a printer, your child can type the answers straight onto the worksheet! 



CVC Writing Activities

Please note that your child is only expected to complete one reading and one writing activity for each sound. Several activities have been provided for mixed abilities.

'ai' Activities




'ai' Phonopoly!



Roll the dice and work your way around the board. Can you segment and blend the sounds in words with 'ai' in them? I wonder who will win the most points?!

ai read and colour

Digraph Detectives


We would like you to be digraph detectives again this week! Can you read the story and spot the words with the 'ai' sound in them? I wonder how many you will be able to spot... 


Print the sheet below and highlight the 'ai' words. Alternatively, you could write a list of all the words with the 'ai' sound that you can find!




Please complete one of the writing activities below for this sound.

Read and write ai words

Complete the ai words

'oa' Activities




oa Read and Reveal


Print the worksheet below. Fold the images so that you are not able to see them. Your child's job is to use their sounds to read the word, and reveal the picture to see if they got the word right! If you do not have a printer, you could copy this out onto a sheet of A4.

oa read and reveal

oa read and colour

oa and igh woodland trail boardgame



Please complete one of the writing activities below for this sound.

oa writing activity

Cut and stick the letters to make oa words

'ee' Activities




Connect Four


You will need two different colour pens or counters for this activity. Take it in turns to segment and blend the 'ee' words and colour them in. Who can get four in a row first?




Please complete one of the writing activities below for this sound.

'igh' Activities




Can you spot the words with the 'igh' sound in them? Segment and blend the sounds together to be able to read the word.




After reading the 'igh' story, can you write down all the words with 'igh' in them in the book below? This can be your very own 'igh' word bank which you can refer back to!


igh book writing

'ight' pad


For this activity, complete the words with the 'igh' sound in them by writing them in the space provided. There is also room for your child to draw a picture of their 'ight' app! Please see the example below. The worksheet is also attached below.


Online Games


Please find below a series of online games which cover the sounds we are learning to apply for this week. 







Matching Pairs

This game times how long it takes you to find the matching pairs! Can you beat your own personal target?







Busy Things - Please encourage your child to play a selection of the basic letters and sound activities. These can be found by clicking on 'Literacy, Communication and Language', followed by 'Phonics Programme', and then 'Phases, 2, 3 and 4, Basic Letters and Sounds'.

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