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This week Music is independent learning. 

Follow the links below.

Children's Songs | HAKA!

Can you join in with this simple Hakka? Remember it's important to try and keep to the beat, and do the actions at the same time as the video. That's how the Hakka looks so effective!

Rain Rain Go Away



Rain, rain, go away

come back another day.


Can we sing or say this differently to make it sound like rain?

Can you make your voice sound like rain?

Can you change the tune?

Slow it down or speed it up?


Rain and Thunderstorm

Listen to part of this video.

Can you use your body to make a pitter patter sounds?

How could you make rain sounds?

Can you make a storm?

How could you make thunder?

As a class, can you make a thunder storm that starts with a gentle pitter patter, and ends with a pitter patter?

Tenā Koe song

Waiata Tamariki - Tohora Nui

Tohora nui 

Tohora roa 

Tohora tino momona 

Tohora puhapuha

Whiore piupiu e 

Tohora kau ana i te moana e! 


Poaka nui

Poaka toa 

Poaka tino momona 

Poaka kunekune 

Whiore koropiko 

Poaka hongihongi i te paru e!


What actions did you think of that would go with this song?

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