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Week 3

This week, we will be investigating a bit more in DT. We will be looking at the best ways of joining different materials. For example, what would we use to join plastic to plastic compared to joining plastic to cardboard? We will also be experimenting with moving wheels on different terrains. Which wheels are best for a sandy terrain compared to a wet or snowy terrain? All of this will aid the children with making their wheeled vehicles. 


During English we will be using our newfound knowledge of materials and their properties to write a report about materials; including the best ones to use to make a wheeled vehicle and why. 


In Maths, we will be looking at subtraction. We are practising lots of counting backwards in ones and tens to support us with this - this is something you could be practising at home together, too! We will be learning how to subtract a 2-digit number from a 2-digit number by the end of the week and using this to problem-solve and reason. 


In Phonics we will be looking at the following sounds: 

'a' making the 'ar' sound eg. father, half

'air' being spelled in different ways: there, pear, care

'or' being spelled in different ways: 'al' eg. always, 'our' eg. court, 'augh' eg. taught 

'ur' being spelled in different ways: 'ear' eg. early, 'or' eg. word 

oo being spelled in different ways: 'oul' eg. could, 'u' eg. cushion 

You could be looking out for these as you are reading together or when you are out and about. 


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