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Coping with Change 

Last week we talked about how the things we like change as we get older. We spoke about all of the things that we used to like and considered how that has changed as we have got older. We also discussed how this might continue to change over the years, especially when we become teenagers or adults. Below is some of the things we discussed.


The colour I used to like

The food I used to like

The drink I used to like

The TV programme I used to like 

The games/toys I used to like 

The hobbies I used to like. 


We realised that our favourites of the above things have changed from when we were babies/toddlers. Have a look at the example below. 



This week, we are going to be thinking about the things we used to do well when we were babies/toddlers. Then we are going to think about how this has changed - what do we do well now? And what do we want to do well in the future as we become teenagers or adults? 


Look at the example below. 

School Illustration