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Week 1 29.11.21

Welcome to Week 1 of our new project 'Joy Joy The Angels Sang'

We start the week with the Project Hook.



The Hook - the children will come into a darkened classroom with fairy lights shining and some music playing.

The children are asked to listen to the music quietly, maybe with their eyes closed.

They are asked what they think the music reminds them of.

The teacher says the music reminds her of Christmas and in particular the music angels might play.

You can listen to music by clicking the video below. (no pictures)

Beautiful Angel Music

The children will talk about their ideas before watching a power point presentation about what some people think or believe about angels. You can watch it below.

The children will contribute their ideas about angels to a class bubble map. If you are at home you could make your own bubble map. You could use the one below. Draw and label your ideas in the bubbles.


Now the children have more ideas about Angels they can draw a picture of what they think an angel looks like and label its features. 

Will your angel be a girl or a boy?

Will it have wings or a halo?

What does your angel wear, a dress, amour, ordinary clothes?

Does your angel have a harp, a trumpet or a sword?


Don't forget to use the bookmark to help spell the labels.

We are going to write some sentences about angels. We are going to use the conjunction,  'and'

Can you complete these sentences about angels using 'and'.


Next we are going to look at different people's ideas of Angels.

Look at the power point again.


Talk about the similarities and differences.

Are they all girls or boys?

Do they all have blond hair?

Do all the angles have wings?

Do they wear the same kind of clothes?

Do they all look friendly?

Which angel do you like the best? Why?

Does it matter that all the ideas are different? 


Now we are going to meet Joshua and Jessica who have very different ideas about angels.

Does it matter they both have different ideas?

Do you think or have the same ideas as someone else?

Here some events that have happened in their lives. Talk about the questions with a grown up.


Some people believe angels are real and other people think they are made up.

Below are reasons some people believe and some people don't.

Cut the sheet up and sort them into 2 piles.

Pile 1 Angels are real because...

Pile 2  Angels are not real because...

You could stick the ideas in your Blended Learning Book. 

What do you think? Are Angels real or not?

Write a sentence in your book like this:-

Angels are real because...     OR

Angels are not real because...


We are going to start our angel sculptures this week.

Here are some angel sculptures from previous years



First let's look at some angel sculptures.

We are going to make a paper and paste sculpture. In Year R you made a paper paste animal. 

We are making a larger sculpture with a head and a body.


You will need:-

  • a plastic bottle
  • sand, rice, gravel, flour to weight the bottle
  • sellotape or masking tape
  • newspaper


1. Fill your bottle with sand or rice to a depth of about 4 cms. This will weight your angel and stop it falling over.




2. Make a ball out of a sheet of newspaper.






3. Cover the ball in another sheet of newspaper and wrap it around like this:-

4.Push the long 'neck' into the bottle and secure around the neck of the bottle with tape, like this:-



Next soak strips of newspaper or white paper (kitchen towel works well) in paste or watered down PVA glue and wrap it around the bottle and head. Smooth the paper around your angel so it looks like this:-




We will continue our angels next week. You will need children's wall paper paste or watered down PVA glue.

Now we have learnt about angels and we have some ideas about what they look like we are going to design or plan what our angel sculpture will look like.

Use the sheet below to help you.

Is your angel a boy or a girl?

Think about what your angel is wearing and the colours.

Does your angel have wings?

What colour skin and hair will your angel have?

Does your angel have a halo?

Is your angel carrying anything like a trumpet, a harp or even a sword?


This weeks maths we are continuing to explore place value.


Place value is the value of each digit in a number. For example, the 5 in 350 represents 5 tens, or 50; however, the 5 in 5,006 represents 5 thousands, or 5,000. It is important that children understand that whilst a digit can be the same, its value depends on where it is in the number.


Below is the link to a very short film which explains what place value is


Below are 2 videos which explain place value a bit more.


We use dienes blocks to explore place value. We call this tens and ones.

You can down load and cut out some dienes or lego blocks can be used. You will need sticks of 10 and some one blocks.

To start we are going to recap last week's learning.

The children can practise counting in 10s using the tens blocks. 10, 20,30...

Hold up some tens blocks ask children how many are you holding. 20, 40, 60. Reinforce the learning by counting in 10s to check their answer.

Now make teens numbers like this:-

Ask the children to make a given number. Then you make the number with dienes and ask them what it is.

Once confident with dienes increase the numbers up to 99.

Below is a fun game on the ICT games web site which we give the children more practise.

Now let's try some place value problem solving.



The final activity is a 'reasoning' one. Use what you know about place value to solve these questions.


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