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Describing the culture of a place

This week, we are learning about the culture of an area of New Zealand​​​​​​.

Activity 1

What is culture?

Activity 2

Can you create a poster about the culture of one of these places below?


The Bay of Plenty




Lake Taupo


Here's some ideas of things to think about and include on your poster. 


1. Research your area with the help of an adult - can you find a video about your chosen place?

2. How would tourists get from England to your chosen place?

3. How do the people there spend their lives? What jobs might they do? What hobbies might they have?

4. What is the flag of the country like? Do you notice any similarities to our flag? Can you find out why?

5. What money is used in your chosen area?

6. What is the history of the area? Is there a Maori history?

7. What is the population size?


Remember to share your poster with us! 

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