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This week we will be learning about money.

We will learn to recognise coins and their value. We will also be learning to make amounts using 1p and 2p coins. 



Recognising Coins


The aim is that children should be able to pick up a coin, recognise it and say its value.

Children should understand what each coin is worth and begin to order these from the coins of smallest value to the largest.


Buried Treasure


Bury coins in some sand. This could be in a sand pit or pour a thin layer of sand into a shallow tray .


Let your child use a metal detector, magnifying glass or paint brush to search for the coins in the sand.

Each time they find a coin ask them to describe it and say  the name of the coin. 

Challenge them to find all of the coins.


Ask questions like, have you found all the coins? Which coin are you missing? Which coin has the largest/smallest value out of the ones you have found? 



Play Find the Coin


Give your child a purse with a selection of coins in.

Call out a coin.

They have to find the coin and hold it up. 


Alternatively you could describe a coin and they have to find it.

 For example, it is the smallest silver coin or it is worth the same as 5 pennies.


Or you could ask questions like, I bought a apple at the shop and it cost 5p. Which coin do I use to pay?

How much is it?


Ask your child to select a coin.  They have to say how many pennies it is worth and count out this number of pennies from a pot. If they are correct they could keep the coins. 



Coin Rubbings 


Put  a selection of coins in a pot and let your child pick one.

Make a rubbing of the coin by placing it under the paper, keeping it still and using a crayon to rub an imprint.

Can they label the coin?

Could they  do coin rubbings of the coins in order a long a strip of paper? 


Making Amounts


The aim is for your child to know that certain coins don’t exist, so if they have to buy something for 4p there isn’t a coin to do this, therefore having to use a combination of other coins.

Role Play



Set up a shop with price labels on the items. Use numbers that reflect the numbers your child recognises.        

Ask your child to buy items from the shop and count out the correct amount in 1p coins. 


Once they are confident you could introduce 2p and 5p coins to make amounts. 


Challenge - If you include the amounts 3p, 6p 11p and 21p, can they work out they need a 20 p and a 1p to make 21p or a 10p and a 1p to make 11p.  




A child needs our help…  explains that they want to buy a rabbit for 6p but the shopkeeper doesn’t have any change and there isn’t a 6p coin. What could they do?


Give them some 1p, 2p and 5p coins . Ask them to find at least one way of making 6p. Can they find anymore?


They could record their answers by drawing the coins, making it physically with coins and photographing  or cutting out coins.

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