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This week we are practising the formation of zig-zag monster letters and then we will start learning to join letters together.


Live Lesson 1



Below is a powerpoint to show how each letter is formed.



Below are the letter formation practise sheets for these letters.

You can practise the letter formation in different ways, not just on paper.


  • paint brush and a pot of water outside on a path or wall
  • painting the letters
  • in a tray of sand, flour or shaving foam
  • using different pens and pencils eg felt tips, highlighters, chalk.
  • If you have access to a tablet - ICT games - Handwriting repeater


Live Lesson 2


Now we have practised all the letters we are going to learn to join them together.

When we join up letters you keep your pencil on the paper until you have finished writing.


We are going to start with joining ladder letters together.

We are going to use this sheet.


If you find an individual letter tricky the ladder letter practise sheets are below.

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