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This week we are going to be working in Queen Victoria’s post office. We need to use our adding and subtracting skills to help her.


Activity 1


What do you remember about adding? Remember, when we add two numbers together, the number gets bigger.


We need to help Queen Victoria add the stamps together to find the total.

Here I have two stamps.



We need to add them together to find out how much it costs to buy both stamps. I am going to use a number line to help me.


First, let’s write the start of our number sentence. I need to use the addition sign in my number sentence.


Now I am going to go to my number line. I need to start on the number 3, so I am going to put a circle around the number 3. I need to add 5, so I am going to do 5 jumps on my number line.


Remember when we add, we need to take jumps to the right. I have landed on the number 8 so I am going to put another circle around the number 8.


Finally, I am going to go back and write my answer in my number sentence. As we are adding money, we need to remember to put the ‘p’ next to our answer.


Have a go at the sheet below. Use the number line to show your working. 



Activity 2



At work in Queen Victoria’s postal office, we have found that lots of the telegrams have had incorrect postage. We need to make sure that everyone is paying the right amount. We need to check the sums.


Have a look at these number sentences. Use your number lines to check if they are correct. If the answer is correct, put a tick next to the answer. If the answer is wrong, cross it out and write the correct answer next to it. Here is an example.




Activity 3


Oh no! Some of the numbers have been muddled up from the number sentences and have been moved around. We need your help to put the correct numbers back into the number sentences.


Work out the missing numbers in each number sentence using the numbers at the side of your sheet. You could use a number line to help you if you wish!



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