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Getting Dressed


The EYFS Early Learning Goal for Physical Development states children should be able to

'manage their own basic hygiene and personal needs successfully, including dressing and going to the toilet independently.'


This week we want to know if you can:


Put on your coat and do it up yourself.

Take off your shoes and socks by yourself.

Put on you socks and shoes on you own.

Put on and take off a jumper.

Do up your own buttons. 



You could send us a video of you doing these things on Tapestry. 

We do not expect somersaults for M. You could just do a roll instead. 



Can you spell out any other words? For example mum, dad or the.

You could send us a video and your teacher has to guess the word.

Remember there are still all the activities on our, 'Keeping Physically and Mentally Healthy at Home' page that you can do also. Link is below:

Fine Motor Activity


Can you thread the cereal onto the spaghetti?  



How many can you thread on in a minute?


Have a competition with someone in your family. Who can thread 10 or 20 on the quickest?

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