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Activity 1

Now it is your turn to sketch your own version of HMS Victory.  You will need to ensure you look at one picture of the ship and keep looking back. The more that you look, the more you will see. Include as much detail as you can and don't press too hard.  You may like to sketch this landscape or portrait.  It is up to you.  Get creative!  


Activity 2

Once your sketch of HMS Victory is finished and you have included as much detail as you can, you can now add some colour.  If we were in school we would be using water colour paints.  If you do not have these available you can also use water colour pencils (if you have them).  These pencils are like magic.  They add colour to a picture like a pencil, but when water is added (using a small, thin paintbrush) it turns into paint! It looks so effective. 

Ordinary colouring pencils will also do the trick.  We do not suggest felt tip pens for this job! 

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