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Activity One:

Planning your Gingerbread Man decoration:

This week we are going to be baking and decorating our own Gingerbread Men! But first we must plan how we are going to decorate our Gingerbread Men once they are baked.

Our Gingerbread Men must have a face but how you decorate their bodies is up to you.

Have a go at drawing your Gingerbread Man and labelling the key bits of decoration. There is a template below for you to design on if you do not fancy drawing your own Gingerbread Man shape.

Have a look at Miss Campbells design below for an example.




Ready Steady Bake!

Its time to bake and decorate our Gingerbread Men! Make sure you have your design with you ready.



Follow along at home with Miss Campbells video. Please see below for your list of ingredients and measurements. You will need your ingredients ready for the video.

Or have a go using your own recipe at home.



Making Gingerbread Men with Miss Campbell

The Finished Result:

Here are Miss Campbell's finished Gingerbread Men that she made.



We can't wait to see yours! Please send us a picture of them on Tapestry.

Enjoy eating them afterwards!

Yum! Yum!


Activity Two:

Making a bridge:


Last week you designed and made some fantastic boats to help save the Gingerbread Man but oh no! A storm is coming! I am not sure the boats are going to be able to sail across the river!


 This week we are setting you the challenge to have  a go at making a bridge to help the Gingerbread Man cross the river.


It will need to be strong and wide enough for the Gingerbread Man to cross.

Think carefully about the materials you are going to use and how you are going to build it, ensuring that it will hold.


We cant wait to see them! Please send us a picture on Tapestry.



School Illustration