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This morning i came into school to find this letter on my's from the Wolf! 


Your Task:

Your task this week is to have a think about what you would suggest the Wolf could do to say sorry. Maybe he could buy them some flowers? He might need to write them a sorry card? What ideas can you come up with?

 Can you write a letter to reply to the wolf suggesting your idea.

Your teachers will help you get started on Tuesday's 9.30am Zoom.


To help you when you are writing here are some key words that can be tricky to write.

Display them on your device as your child is writing or write them on a piece of paper for your child to use.

Continue learning the story of 'The Three Little Pigs'

Please remember to continue learning the story of, 'The Three Little Pigs' and the actions to go with it. Click on the link below to see Miss Harper demonstrate the actions. We look forward to seeing you tell us the story soon.

Weekly Diary Entry:

Every week we would like you to write a diary entry in the exercise book we gave you, about something you have done at home. For example this could be what you did for your daily exercise, something you made, a piece of work you were proud of or maybe a story you really enjoyed.

Your grown up can photograph your writing and put it on Tapestry so we can see what you are doing. We look forward to reading them each week.  

Reading and Word Practice:

Remember to read and practice your words at least 3 times a week. Click on the link below to see some fun ways to practice your words at home.


Tapestry Challenge!

We are glad you love us sharing a story with you at the end of they day but we really miss hearing you read sad We would love it if you could please send us in a video of you reading at home.


There are a few different websites that are currently giving you free access to different activities, games and books for your child to enjoy online. You may have to sign up to access some of them. These websites are:


.Teach Your Monster to Read


.Oxford Owl Reading


.Bug Club (2 month free trial only)


.Phonics Play


You could also practice your reading by playing the Yes/No game. See the video below to see how you can play this game.

Challenge! Your child could even write you a question for you to sort out into the yes or no pile.

Yes/No Game (A game to practise your reading!)

A game for practising reading! Give your child a set of questions and all they have to do is read them and see if the answer is yes or no. Lots of the no que...

Why not have a go at completing this online reading activity. Can you read the sentences and select the correct picture? How many will you get correct?
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