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Group 1

Please see the Learning Grid by clicking the link below and scrolling to the bottom of the page. Select a link from the Phonics column. If you feel able, watch the videos in Group 2 and give those activities a go.

Group 2

You will be looking at the 'ay' phoneme (sound) which can be written in many different ways. You will be looking at three graphemes (ways of spelling the sound) for this phoneme. 


Look at the links below to remind yourself of the three graphemes we have learnt for the 'ay' sound. 


Do one activity a day and complete them in order. 

If you don't have a dice, write down the numbers one to six on small pieces of paper and turn one over to see which word you need  to read. If you have read the first word in that row, move onto the next and continue to do this until you have crossed off all the words.

Group 3

This week in Phonics you will be learning about adding the suffix - ful to a word for example changing the word hope into hopeful. 

There are three activities (one for each day) and then for the last two days of the week please look at group Two's activities and have a go at some of those that you may need to revise.

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