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You can practise your sounds with Mrs Campone's video in The Video Resource Library. Link below:-


Activity 1

Make up names for these aliens using the sounds in the box below them.

Colour the aliens and read their names to a grown up.

Activity 2

Look for the sounds in these words. Draw dots for individual sounds and dashes for 2 letter sounds, digraphs, and 3 letter sounds, trigraphs.

Now sound the word out and read them to a grown up.

Activity 3

'ew' sound words are hidden in this wordsearch.

Ca you find them all?

Activity 4

Words like 'playtime' are called 'compound words'.

These are two words stuck together to make a new one. play + time = playtime.

Match the words on the sheet to make compound words.

See if you can find anymore in your books.

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