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Addition and Subtraction

This week we are are going consolidate our understanding of addition and then move on to subtraction using dienes and an unstructured number line.


Choose your level of challenge below to practise addition. You can use an unstructured number line or draw your tens and ones as dienes (sticks and dots). If you need a reminder of how to do this, have a look at last week's learning:

Subtracting on an unstructured number line

Last week we learned how to add on an unstructured number line. This week we are going to subtract on an unstructured number line.

To get started, see if you can count backwards in ones from 30. Now try counting back from 23? Or 67?

Can you count backwards in tens from those numbers?


Watch the video below to learn how to subtract tens and ones on an unstructured number line.

Subtracting a jump of ten on an empty number line.

The activities below are for all of this week, so you should try to complete one a day. Please make sure that you challenge yourself by choosing the right sheet for you. If you want to extend yourself try a challenge from the bottom of the page and make sure to read the questions very carefully.

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