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This week we are getting back into role as a Londoner during the Stuart period in 1666.  Imagine the fire is now out and the city is burnt to ashes.  We will be discussing what the consequences of the fire were.


Now discuss  what we should do now? 

How can you make sure that London doesn’t burn down again ?

What were the causes of the fire?


Now play the game below to help you think about what needed to happen to the city after the fire.



Now we are going to think about what happened after the Great Fire of London. Have a look at these pictures from London before and after the fire and see if you can spot the differences?


Find out what else changed after the Great Fire of London and write it down in full sentences. Don't forget your capital letters and full stops!


Next we are going to start thinking about writing a letter to the Lord of Mayor of London. Do you know what his name was? We are going give him some ideas on how he can rebuild London.


We are going to use the sheet below to write down our ideas to help us write the letter. Remember we are not writing our letter yet, this is just a plan.

Next we are going to write our letter to the Lord Mayor using the plan we have made. Make sure the plan is in front of you because you have already come up with all of the information you will need. Look at the example below and see if you can spot anything that is different to our usual writing.


Letters have a different structure to a newspaper article, so make sure that you include everything that we have.

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