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This week are thinking about moving on to Year 2.


Activity 1

Talk about what you are looking forward to in Year 2. You might like to visit the Year 2 Web site page to see some of the exciting things which you will do next year. The link is below:-


Now complete this sheet:

Write 3 or 4 things you are looking forward to.

On the other side write down any thing you would like to know about next year.

Activity 2

You are going to write a letter to your new class teacher telling her all about yourself.

First you need to complete a boxing up sheet with all your ideas.

Your new teachers are:-

Hedgehogs - Miss Salter

Foxes - Miss Apsey

Frogs - Miss Whitehead

You can watch videos from them in the video resource library. Link below:-

Activity 3

Finally use your boxing up sheet to write your letter to your new teacher.

Remember to start with 'Dear...'

Use your best handwriting!

Don't forget to upload it to Tepestry so the teachers can read your letters.


You could practise your spellings and common exception words.

The list of Year 1 spellings and words, as well as ideas for activities are on the Year 1 Web page. Link below:-

You could also practise your handwriting.

Information about letter formation and handwriting practise sheets are available on the Year 1 web page - Handwriting. Link below:-

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