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Week 1 4.1.22

Welcome back to Week 1 of our new project, 'DRAGONS!'.

We always start our projects with an exciting Hook!

Watch the power point below to see what happened when we went out to play and saw something very unexpected!

We all agreed ... a baby dragon hatched out of the egg! We couldn't find the dragon though. They are very shy and we think it has flown away.


Do you know what a dragon looks like?

Watch the film and look at the pictures below.



Dragon Film

Still image for this video




First let's organise our ideas in a bubble map. 

Draw and label your ideas about dragons in each bubble.

Now draw a picture of what you think our baby dragon looks like.

Label its features - horns, wings, scales etc. Use the project bookmark to help you.

Our Exciting Writing this week is to write a description of a dragon so if some spots a strange creature they will know it is a dragon!


First we are going to plan our description on a 'boxing up' sheet.


Now using the boxing up sheet below and collect your ideas!

Now we are ready to write our description. Have your boxing up sheet ready to help you and remember to use the project bookmark.


We want people to read our description so they will recognise a dragon when they see one! So we need a title and a hook like this:-



Do you know what a dragon looks like? Read my description to find out all about them.


You can use my hook or write one of your own. Use the boxing up sheet to help you organise your writing.

Remember to write in sentences eg A dragon is an enormous magical creature. Write at least one sentence for each box.



Dance -PE

We will be creating a dragon dance for our outcome for this project.

The dance tells the story of a baby dragon hatching out of an egg, stretching its wings and learning to fly.



First let's watch a film of animals hatching from their eggs.

Hatching animals

Still image for this video

Look how the head come out first as they check for danger. 

Now you can listen to the music we are going to create our dance to.

Dragon Dance music

Here are the sequence of movements we are going to use to create our dance. You could practise them to the music. Don't rush and listen to the changes in the music.



This weeks phonic sounds are:-

  • au as in Laura
  • ie as in pie
  • ey as in monkey


Use these sheets to practise these sounds.




To find out more about phonics and how to say them as well as links to some on line phonic games click on  the link below which will take you to our Phonics information page.


This weeks maths is about measuring lengths. 

To start look at these dragon tails.

Which one is the longest?

How do you know?


Now cut the tails out and order them longest to shortest.

Use the black tail. Find things in your home or outside which are longer than the tail. Now find things shorter than the tail. Can you find anything the same length?

Next try the same activity with the dragon footprints.

Please keep your tails and feet because you will need them for the next activity!

Next we are going to use non-standard units to measure with.

This poster explains what non-standard and standard units are.

You can measure with anything as long as the units are all the same. In school we use unifix cubes. at home you can use ;-

  • pasta
  • pennies
  • lego bricks
  • paper clips
  • buttons

But when you measure you must follow these rules!




Start measuring some of your things -

  • a pencil
  • toy car
  • small teddy

You could measure things outside - sticks, plants, pots


Draw what you have measured in your Blended Learning Book and write its measurement beside it.

Try using different non standard units?

Does each item measure the same length?



Now we are going to measure the dragon tails with non standard units and complete this table.

Remember estimate is a sensible guess! Compete this column first with your guesses. Then measure and write the measurement in the next column.

Don't forget estimates are a guess and are not going to be accurate (right).


School Illustration