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Week 2 6.12.21

Welcome to Week to of our project, 'Joy Joy The Angels Sang'.



This week we are going to look at the important role angels have in the Nativity Story.

So first we need to read the story.

You will find a version below:-

Now imagine you are Mary or the shepherds and try to imagine what it was like when the angels appeared.

What did the angels look like?

What could you hear?

What did they say?

How did you feel?

What did you do?


Using the speech bubble describe what happened when the angels came. You can chose whether you are Mary or a shepherd.


Next we are going to organise what we have learnt about angels.

In school we use different coloured hats to do this:-

If we put on :-

a white hat we are thinking about facts eg Angels can fly

a yellow hat we are thinking about the good things about angels eg Angels are good

a black  hat we are thinking about the bad things about angels eg Angels are scary

a red hat what we feel about angels eg Angels make me happy because...


Use this sheet to organise your ideas.



We are finishing our angel sculptures this week.

Use your design to decorate your sculpture to look like an angel.

You can use:-

  • paint
  • fabric
  • glitter
  • sequins
  • jewels
  • wool

You can change and add to your design as you go.


Here are some finished ones for previous years.



Don't forget to send us a photo.





This week we are finding out about 2D shapes (the flat shapes)

These are the shapes the children need to name.


You could make a shape fan like this:-

Cut the pieces out and pin them all together at the bottom to make a fan.

You can use the shape poster or fan to play a 'show me' game.

Ask the child to show you/point to 

  • a square/circle etc
  • a shape with 4 sides 
  • a shape with 3 corners
  • the shape I'm thinking of - it has 4 edges and 4 corners
  • a shape with more than 4 sides 
  • adult has the fan - what is this shape called.

Now try this sheet. Think carefully about the question at the end.


Next we are going on a shape hunt.

You can look for shapes around your house, garden or even go for a walk and spot them.




Finally we are going on a shape treasure hunt!

Cut out the shapes and the properties or write them on strips of card/paper.

Scatter them around the room.

Your child needs to find them all.

Now match the shape, its name and its properties together.


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