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What caused the Fire and why did it spread so quickly?

This week we will be introducing the concept of "cause" (why things happen).

We will investigate why the fire spread so quickly and why it took so long to put it out.

We will be looking closely at pictures of The Great Fire of London and wondering what they tell us about the city and the fire. 


We start our week off with a video of Magic Grandad who goes back in time to 1666 and meets a very important man, Samuel PepysYou will find the link to the video below.  Samuel Pepys wrote a diary throughout the Great Fire and that is how we know so much about it. 

Magic Grandad Great Fire of London

Samuel Pepys Powerpoint

After watching Magic Grandad and finding out all about Samuel Pepys in the PowerPoint you will need to write some sentences about the new facts that you have learned.   Don't forget a capital letter goes at the beginning of the sentence and a full stop at the end.


Our next lesson involves reading some of Samuel Pepys' diary and answering questions.  You will find a sheet with questions on that you can either write the answers in sentences or talk about it with your adult at home.


What can we learn from Pepys' diary?

We are now going to think about writing our own diary.  We will time travel back to 1666 and using all of the facts Samuel Pepys has taught us plan our diary. 

We will complete a single bubble map using all of the five senses.  What could you see in London in 1666?  What did you smell?  What could you hear around the city?  What did you feel?  Did you taste anything unusual?

Please complete the single bubble map by clicking the link below.

Now you have used your senses plan you are ready to write your diary entry.

Please follow the Diary PowerPoint  to help you with your writing and you could even use a checklist to see if you have included everything.

How to write a diary

School Illustration