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HMS Victory

In History this week, you will be learning and thinking lots more about HMS Victory and life onboard the ship. You know that HMS Victory was a Navy ship and, in English this week, you have learned what life onboard HMS Victory would have been like. Would you like to have lived and fought on this ship? I don't think I would! It would have been smelly, cramped and scary!


Activity 1 - True or False?

How much do you know about life onboard HMS Victory? Open the True or False document and cut out each sentence. Put them into a TRUE pile and a FALSE pile. You could glue them across 2 pages in your blended learning book to show which are true and which are false. If you aren't sure, you may need to use the internet to help you find the answer. If you come up with any more questions, add them to your KWL.



Activity 2 - Labelling HMS Victory

For this activity, you will be thinking about what HMS Victory looks like and what the different parts of the ship are called. Use the Glossary to help you learn the meaning of each word before labelling it on the ship. 



Activity 3 - Comparing HMS Victory and HMS Illustrious 

HMS Victory was launched into water in 1765 and was used in battle for the Royal Navy until 1824. She was used a very long time ago. You will be comparing HMS Victory to a ship that has been used more recently.


Over 100 years after HMS Victory stopped being used as a battle ship, HMS Illustrious began her career. In 1982, HMS Illustrious set sail as an aircraft carrier of the Royal Navy; finishing her career in 2014. 


Using all of your knowledge of HMS Victory and what life onboard it was like, complete the Double Bubble by comparing the two ships. Start by comparing what they look like, the materials they are made from and how they move. Then think about how sailors would have been treated onboard HMS Illustrious just a few years ago. Would they have been whipped with the cat-of-nine-tails? What would they have eaten? Where would they have slept? You could use the internet to help you find out more information about life onboard HMS Illustrious. 


Remember, the circles coming from each side of the ships are for things that are related only to that ship. The circles in the middle are for things that are similar about the ships.





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