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Addition and Subtraction

Addition and subtraction are opposites. When we add, the answer gets bigger and when we take-away, the answer gets smaller. This week, you need to work out whether you are adding or taking-away, so be careful! Don't be tricked. Look out for Kiwi Bird on your worksheets. He will be there to remind you. 

Simple Addition and Subtraction

If you are finding this week's learning tricky, have a go at these activities.

Adding and Subtracting Ones

If you have been spending time adding and subtracting ones, give these activities a go. Work towards adding and subtracting tens by the end of the week.

Adding and Subtracting Tens 

If you have been focusing on adding and subtracting tens over the past few weeks, give these activities a go. You could also look at the activities above to check your understanding of adding and subtracting ones.

Subtracting a 2-digit number from a 2-digit number - Watch out for our live lesson on this!

Mrs Moth's subtracting 2 digits with grouping 10s and 1s

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