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What I Would Like to Be Better At

Last week, we spoke about what we are good at and why. This week, we would like you to think about what you would like to get better at. 


Talk to your grown-ups again about what you decided you are good at. Then, discuss something you would like to get better at and why. For example, "I would like to get better at reading so I can read books by myself". It could be anything from writing to playing football - it is entirely up to you! 



Next, have a think about how you are going to get better at the thing you have chosen. Continuing with the reading example, this could be, "by practising my reading every day".


Below is a template for you to write down what your goal is and how you are going to achieve it. 

Goal-Setting Activities


Below are some fun goal-setting activities for you to have a go at. Remember to upload any activities you do onto Tapestry!


Wheel of Fortune


Draw a wheel and split it into segments, just like a pizza. On each segment, write things that are important to you e.g., family, friends, school, football, etc. For each category, come up with one thing you would like to get better at and how. Please look at the example below for ideas. 




Vision Board


Making a vision board is a fun way to think about your goals and is a visual reminder of everything you would like to achieve. This is something you can revisit often and discuss how you plan to achieve your dreams smiley



Circle Time Activity


The Power of "yet"!



As a family, sit in a circle and discuss the importance of using the word "yet" when talking about things we find tricky. Take it in turns as a family to say one thing you find tricky at the moment and would like to get better at. Talk about what you could do to help you get better at this. Encourage your child to add the word "yet" onto the end of their sentence, for example:


"I'm not good at _______ yet. I would like to get better at _______ by..."


"I don't understand ________ yet. I would like to learn ______ by..."


"_______ doesn't work yet. I will make it better by..."


"I can't do _______ yet. I will learn to ______ by..."









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