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This week there are two creative activities that you might like to have a go at. You do not have to do both of these activities so if there is one that you would rather do than the other than please pick that one.


Activity One: Creating a Sound Map

Together with your child think about the different sounds you hear whilst you are on a journey. This could be on your way to the park, your journey to school or another journey you may take. 


Have a go at drawing a map to show a journey you may take. Think about where your map will start and finish. Then take this with you on your journey and listen carefully to the sounds you hear around you. When you hear different sounds think of things you could draw to represent the sounds you hear. For example you may draw birds if you hear birds singing or you may draw a car if you hear lots of cars.

You may want to stop and add to your map when you hear different things on the way or maybe you could record yourselves on your journey to listen to it afterwards.

Once you have completed your sound map you may want to go on a different journey and compare what your sound map looks like.

Is it different?

Did you hear anything that was different?

Did you hear anything that was the same?

Were there any quiet moments?

Any louder moments?

Why might this have been?


You could also send your sound maps to your friends so they could follow it. I wonder if they will hear the same things as you do?


Have a look at Miss Campbell's sound map below for guidance:

Activity Two:

Have a go at some of these minibeast crafts!

Don't forget to finish off your paper mache farm animals. Please see last weeks creative page for more information. If you can send us a picture via Year R email or the blog. We would love to see them!

Have a look at some of the ones your friends have made:


School Illustration