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Week 2

Dear Parents and Carers

Welcome back to the Summer Term.  Our new project is 'From a Tiny Seed'. The children will be learning about the growing  plants in our grounds and gardens. They will name the parts of a plant and tree. We will be learning what plants need to grow and survive.

This week Year 1 will be learning more about instructions and 'bossy' words. They will follow instructions to make a paper sunflower and to plant a sunflower seed. They will then write instructions to tell someone else how to plant a seed.

In Maths we are revisiting numbers to 100, counting, ordering and identifying missing numbers.

In art the children are learning about water colours, setting up a painting station, using a variety of brushes and experimenting with water colours in a pallet.

During PE people from Active 360 will be leading one of the sessions. In the other the children will be learning to ride scooters safely. Lots of fun!

We hope you have planted your seeds and are looking after them!

If you would like to keep your seed diary via Tapestry please do. Up load a weekly photo and in the comments you or child could record what they have observed.

Have a great week.

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