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Spelling and words


Every week, we will be given a list of spellings to learn at home. Once a week, we will be tested on these words in school, and then given new spellings. 

Sometimes these words will be common exception words and sometimes they will be words in phonic families to match up with our phonic learning for the week. 


Here are some fun ways to practice your spellings!


  • Make up a spelling song

  • Write them in the sand

  • Write them in the mud!

  • Make each word using sticks

  • Use different coloured pens

  • Make a wordsearch with your spelling words in

  • Play hangman

  • Find and highlight the words in a magazine or newspaper

  • Play charades!


If you think of a fun and creative way of practising your spellings, don't forget to share it with your teacher! We love hearing new ideas!

Common Exception Words

In year 2, we have some important words which we need to be able to read and spell by the end of the year. These are called common exception words and they are the words we will be using most often in our writing and reading.

We will practise these lots in school because they help us very much with all of our learning. The year 2 teachers will check regularly to see how many we have learned and which ones we need to practise more. 


It is important that we keep looking at these words at home too, as the more we do it, the better and more quickly we will learn them!



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