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Live Phonics Teaching Session 

Please remember to be on Zoom for 13.00 on Wednesday the 13th, where your teachers will recap and introduce the sounds to practise for the week. 

This week in phonics we will be recapping all the sounds we have learnt so  far and applying these in our reading and writing. Please click on the PowerPoints below or use the flashcards in your phonics pack to practise all your sounds.


We will also be learning two new sounds - the trigraph 'ure' and digraph 'er'. Have a look at the clips below to help you learn these new sounds. 



Remember Miss Campbell asked you to be a sound detective last week. How many words can you find with the 'ure' and 'er' sounds in either around the house or in your reading books.  

Recognising Sounds


To help your child with recognising their sounds, maybe you would like to have a try at completing the activity below.


Erase Away Activity 



For this activity, draw some clouds/bubbles on a sheet of paper and write a sound inside each. This is a completely adaptable activity for phase 2 and 3 sounds - you could include initial sounds (e.g., 't'), digraphs (e.g., 'oa'), trigraphs (e.g., 'ure'). Simply say the sound and then they rub it out!




CVC/VC Word Activity


If your child is practising to stretch their words to hear more sounds in order to create VC or CVC words, the please look at the activities below.


Reading cvc words

Snakes and Ladders


Print out the snakes and ladders resources below for your child to practise segmenting and blending sounds to recognise CVC words. There are two print outs available which cover phases 2 and 3 for your child to have a go at. 


For this activity, your child simply rolls the dice and uses their sounds to read whichever word they land on. For example, if they were to land on the word 'coat' , they should segment the sounds within that word

( "c-oa-t") and then blend them together ("coat") to enable them to recognise the word.

Writing cvc words

How many words in the picture can you write?

Write a list in your blended learning book.


Initial Sounds Activity


If your child is practising to hear and recognise the initial sounds in words then please see the activity below.


Sound Pegs

Write a selection of letters onto some clothes peg.

Your child picks a peg and then finds an object that starts with that initial sound and clips the peg onto the object. 

Just look around the room to make sure there are objects with that initial sound and able to have a peg clipped onto them.

A fantastic way to develop fine motor muscles too.


'Three Little Pigs' Initial Sound Peg-Matching


Print the initial sound cards by clicking on the link below. You will also need some clothes pegs. For this activity, your child will need to say what the picture is of, and identify what sound it begins with. For example, for the image of a pig, your child needs to be able to identify that pig starts with the 'p' sound. Then, they need to attach the peg to the correct letter. 

Online Games


Busy Things - Please encourage your child to play a selection of the basic letters and sound activities. These can be found by clicking on 'Literacy, Communication and Language', followed by 'Phonics Programme', and then 'Phases, 2, 3 and 4, Basic Letters and Sounds'. 


Phonics Play - play Pick a Picture

username - jan21

password - home



Kahoot Quiz - Miss Harper has made a Kahoot! quiz for you to practise your sounds.


Click on this link and type in one of the game pins below:


CVC/VC Sounds Quiz - Game PIN: 0468516 (please do not read the CVC words out to your child. Encourage them to segment and blend the sounds together to work out the answer!)


Initial Sounds Quiz - Game PIN: 09225369






Have fun!

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