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Week 2 2.11.20

Welcome back to Week 2 of our project 'Pick a Puppet'. 


This week we are going to retell the story of the 'Billy Goats Gruff'.

First we are going to learn to tell the story, by heart, with actions. This will help us write the story.

Below is the version of the story we learn:-


When we write the story we are going to use time connectives.  They help us sequence the story.

Below is some information about what time connectives are and how to use them:-


Using our Billy Goats Gruff story above can you find all the time connectives used?

You could highlight the words like this:- Once upon a time...  or draw a circle around it. 


Now let's try to write some sentences using some time connectives.

There are two sheets. The second has a few more time connectives.


We are getting ready to write our story. To help us we are going to make a story hill. We use pictures and key vocabulary to tell the story. It helps the children remember events in the right order when they write it.

The story hill in the classroom looks like this:-


Our story has 3 hills because there are 3 events so it looks like this:-


You may want to draw this on a large sheet of paper. We use A3 size in school rather than print it out.


Draw the story on the 3 hills and label with some key vocabulary. The word map will help you or use the project bookmark on the Project Information Page.


Finally we are going to retell the story we have learnt.

Don't forget to use:-

  • time connectives eg, First, Next, Finally
  • Capital letters at the start of a sentence and after a full stop.
  • Full stops at the end of a sentence.
  • Finger spaces.


There are 3 writing frames to chose from. 

Design and Technology - DT

Last week we orgainised our teams for the puppet show. We all agreed what character puppet you were. So if you were in school before half term you will know which puppet you are making. If you weren't in school you can chose which Billy Goat Gruff character puppet you want to be.

You can be:-

  • Big Billy Goat Gruff
  • Middle sized Billy Goat Gruff 
  • Baby Billy Goat Gruff 
  • the troll


First we need to agree a design criteria.

This tells us what are puppets should be like. It is also used by the Quality Controller to assess whether your puppet is ready for the show!



Remember to use this while you design and make your puppet.

Next we are going to think about what our puppet needs.

For example a goat needs :-

  • horns
  • a gruff
  • ears
  • fur coat 

But the troll might need:-

  • scary eyes
  • big teeth
  • arms and legs
  • green skin


Use this page of the DT booklet to draw and label the features of your puppet.


Now you are going to design your puppet.

Your puppet will be made using a paper bag!

Here are some designs and styles to help you think about what your puppet will look like.





Use the design page to draw and label your puppet design. Remember the design criteria.

It is a good idea to start with a 'square' shape like a paper bag and add on features and colour. 


This weeks maths is introducing fractions starting with half or halves of objects.

So what is a half?

Below is a power point which helps explain what a fraction is and what a half is.

Let's start with making some halves!


Make a sandwich. You will need:-

  • 2 slices of bread
  • a filling - cheese, cucumber, ham
  • a knife


Ask a grown up to help you make your sandwich.

Now we are going to cut it in half.

Make sure you cut down the middle of the sandwich. Are both sides the same size - equal?


This sandwich has been cut a different way. Is it still cut in half?


Now you can eat half of your sandwich. Will you eat both halves or share it?


Have a look around your home. Can you find any other halves of shapes?

Here are some ideas.

Next see if you can find half of these shapes. Think about how you could do this.

So cut out each shape very carefully. Ask a grown up to help you.

Next fold the shape exactly in half. Is each side the same, equal?

Now cut along the fold. You should have 2 halves to stick in your book.


Find half of these shapes.

Only colour one half of each shape!



Do you know which of these shapes is cut into halves? 

Cut out each shape at the bottom of the page and stick them on the table, either it is a half or it is not a half.



Finally we are going to learn to halve quantities - a number.

You will need something to count such as pasta shapes, buttons or counters and a teddy.

So count out 8 of your counters. Share the counters between you and teddy. Make sure you both have the same so it is fair!

You should have 4 each. 

4 is half of 8. Like this:-



Find half of these quantities. Use your pasta or counters to help you.

Remember you and teddy need to have the same amount each!


Here are some more halving problems to solve.

Help Batman and Robin share out their sweets so they half half each.

Help Big Billy Goat Gruff share some carrots between middle sized goat and baby goat for tea.

Use the halved circle and your counters to help you.

Can every number be halved equally?



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